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Hi, I'm Jodie

My Story

I moved to the Lowcountry right out of college in 2003, and I have spent my entire adult life in Beaufort County. I planted roots here in 2005. I purchased my first home in Bluffton, where I still reside with my two daughters. Through the years, we have faced our share of personal challenges. In that time I have learned how to adapt to changes and make difficult decisions. My experiences taught me the value of community.

Advocacy to Action

 In the fall of 2017, my friends and I co-founded a parent advocacy group on Facebook, STAND for Students. Our mission was to create a unified campaign aimed at the local, county and state level to insure our leaders put children first, and to help others understand how local government works at all levels.

In my work with STAND, and working to pass the recent Beaufort County School Bond referendum, I forged relationships with several local leaders and elected representatives. Stepping up to continue this work in the role of a County Council representative is thelogical next step. ​

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