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Working For A Better Beaufort County

Leadership •Commitment • Action


Let's Work Together


Putting My Experience
to Work

I am a problem solver. Anyone can point fingers. Leaders look for solutions and work to effect change. So, when I learned we had a problem with overcrowding in our schools a few years ago, I worked with others to organize parent advocates. I was committed to understanding the issues, organizing, and educating the community on our needs. I learned the problem was so much more than crowded classrooms.

I took action by going to school board meetings and town halls, made calls to my representatives, and spoke with my neighbors. Last November, Beaufort County passed it's first school bond referendum in more than 11 years by a 69% margin, in large part due to the efforts of our parent advocates. 

 As a result, residents across Beaufort County will enjoy safer schools, modernized facilities and smaller class sizes. We can't stop now.


In the course of my advocacy, several people asked me when I would take on more leadership responsibilities. I have been called on to apply my knowledge of the issues in my community, along with the principles of leadership, commitment, and action to help create a better Beaufort County. 

In the current climate, representatives will be tasked with adapting to changes quickly, sharing information responsibly, and making tough choices with unpredictable outcomes. With your support, I am ready to represent District 7.



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